Guess-a-Number Game

by Keith D Commiskey

Welcome to the Guess-a-Number Game - An online guessing game for visitors. Web developers, attract and keep your visitors at your site. Better yet, give them a reason to bookmark your site; a reason to come back ... to see if they've won!

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PHP with MySQL
ASP with MS Access or MySQL

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A simple game really, one guesser page and one admin page

DEMOS ... in demo mode, you can switch back and forth between user and admin mode for each demo.

  • User Demo - With this system, the guess-a-number date has not arrived yet, allowing guessers the opportunity to guess (demo allows for fifteen guessers).
  • Admin Demo - With this system, the guess-a-number date has passed. As the admin, you can run the randomizer to find the winners (demo allows for two winners).

Connection.asp - Open connection to database and provide connection string
ConnectionClose.asp - Close connection to database
guess-a-number_1.asp - End user file; where visitors go to guess (before set date)
guess-a-numberA_1.asp - Admin file; where admin goes to run the randomizer (on or after set date)
guess-a-number-config_1.asp - customization file
readme.txt - redirects reader to the customization file

guess-a-number.mdb - Database for MS Access users (connection provided in Connection.asp file)
guess-a-number-1.sql - File used to setup MySQL table (connection provided in Connection.asp file)

guess-a-number-config_1.asp is the only file that requires modification.

PHP with MySQL
ASP and either MySQL or MS Access

Directions for setting up the Guess-a-Number Game is provided in the customization file. Multiple games can be setup by incrementing the numbers in the filenames and tweaking a few files. Further details for running multiple games is also provided.

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